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Question 1

Do you know how many people currently search for the type of product/service you (want to) sell or promote online?

Question 2

Do you know the 'dollar value' of gaining one new customer or lead via your website?

Question 3

Do you know the best locations to place relevant keyword phrases on your website?

Question 4

Do you know the difference between ‘organic’ and ‘PPC’ traffic?

Question 5

Do you know how many people visit your website each day/week/month?

Question 6

Do most of your website visitors land on a page that is NOT your home page?

Question 7

Does your website have trackable Goals and measurable Conversions?

Question 8

Do you think most of your website visitors DON'T already know of your business 'by name'?

Question 9

Do you know the actual number of sales or leads you get from your Social Media activity?

Question 10

Do you have an online strategy for getting leads into your online sales funnel?

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