Why bus and billboard advertising doesn’t work

Two types of advertising that are becoming disturbingly ineffective.

Roadside Billboard Advertising

On a recent road trip form Melbourne to Brisbane and return, the number of billboards promoting the ‘effectiveness’ of billboard advertising has risen ‘exponentially’. How many times did I need to see ‘Unsee This’ before I actually noticed it? Here are the two main advertisers:

Buy This Space
Ooh Media

For sure, it’s hard for me to ‘unsee’ it but you’d expect that after being hit around the eyeballs with it a thousand times. Would I ‘buy’ as a result? Probably not.

Bus Advertising

It’s currently September. In recent days I’ve noticed two different movies advertised on the sides of buses. One was for a movie released in July, and the other in May. Sure, I noticed the ads, but there’s an obvious lack of demand for advertising space if they are both yet to be replaced by current advertisements.

Why Don’t They Work?

The Internet (and 21st Century marketing) centres around ‘relevance’. If it’s not relevant to me NOW, I’m likely to forget about it later. I’ll search online for something I want/need and I’m not likely to be interested in being bombarded with other messages that aren’t relevant to my quest.

Outdoor advertising is usually not relevant  to the person who sees it, or at a time when they need it.