June 12, 2013

Digital Marketing Audit

Before you blow your budget on poorly targeted marketing campaigns, we'll conduct a comprehensive digital marketing audit of 'everything' you're doing online.

A comprehensive digital marketing audit

Some of the 'grass roots' aspects we'll look at include:

  1. Your presence on the internet - how the major search engines 'see' you
  2. Review your website code - check the page load speed, the text-to-code ratio, and find broken links and orphan pages
  3. Provide fundamental Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) recommendations
  4. Do 'first level' cost-benefit analysis of how you're currently spending your online budget
  5. Compare your existing website traffic to your actual online offering - the two should match!

Develop Your Online Strategy with an Action Plan

It's impossible to develop a sound online strategy without first understanding:

  1. Where your business 'sits' in the market;
  2. Who is your major online competition;
  3. Your business' existing online presence and visibility;
  4. Where your online marketing budget is being spent; and
  5. What you've learned from your online marketing excursions, to date.

When we do the Audit, we'll provide you with a sound knowledge base for understanding how and why you should take control of your online marketing.