Online Marketing Strategy and Consulting

We have almost 20 years of experience developing offline and online marketing strategy for business.

That's a lot of advice, to a lot of business owners, in many and varied industries.

A consulting background in Business Analysis is perfect for integrating the business needs into the marketing plan. There's no point having a fantastic promotional campaign if the business infrastructure isn't able to deliver the goods or services in a timely manner to the customer.

How do you develop an Online Marketing Strategy?

There is no guaranteed quick fix to gaining online marketing results.

The technological aspect has defined parameters and capabilities, some of which are clear, and some, ambiguous. Search engines give some information relating to the algorithms they may use in returning search results, but in most cases, conventional theories are based upon reverse-engineering of what is believed the search engines MAY use for search listing purposes.

There are numerous online marketing opportunities that will have different effectiveness for different businesses and industries.

When we provide advice, we ask you to 'leave your presumptions at the door'. We won't know what will (or won't) work online... until we give it a go.