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  • Technical and Analytical

    We'll assess your website for mobile-friendliness, coding, broken links, and other technical factors. We recommend using Google Analytics as a website tracking tool. We'll install it if it is not already in place.
  • Structural Pages

    These are pages on your website that rarely or never change in content and/or 'location' e.g. 'home' page, contact us page, 'staff' pages, 'about us' page etc.
  • Product/Service Pages

    These are pages that describe the products or services your business offers. A 'service' might be 'consulting' or 'workshop facilitation' etc. and a 'product' might be 'sheds' or 'farmyard equipment'. DON'T include products in your online store or catalogue (usually also listed in your product categories).
  • Online Store Products

    Tell us the number of products in your online store (if you have one), regardless of whether or not a product is available for sale online. If each product doesn't already have its own page, we'll be recommending that they do.
  • Online Store Product Categories

    Tell us how many product categories you are using e.g. 'garden tools', 'plants', 'building equipment etc., and also any sub-categories e.g. 'roses', 'pine trees', 'ground covers' etc.
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