The 80/20 Rule for Online Marketing

Assume that 80 percent of the visitors to your website will be using only 20% of the functionality of your website. It’s a rule of thumb, but it will help you focus your effort on the important functions that will prove most useful to your website visitors, enhancing their satisfaction with what you’re offering online. Read more about The 80/20 Rule for Online Marketing[…]

Too many online forms!

We usually think red tape wraps mostly around Government. We don’t realise that our own business can be a victim of data for data’s sake. There actually is a difference between data and information. In a fairlt general sense, data is information without contect. For example, 1970 could be “one thousand nine hundred and seventy”, Read more about Too many online forms![…]

The cost of false economy

Cost-benefit Analysis There are more than purely perceived up-front financial considerations when you make a business decision. For example: the value of lost sales due to a cheaper, but delayed, delivery the extra administration tasks as a result of poor training your time that could be better spent on the golf course With a thorough Read more about The cost of false economy[…]

How do I decide if it’s feasible?

In any business planning activity, a feasibility study is an effective tool to assist in making a considered decision on the best course of action. The feasibility study can include a cost benefit analysis to evaluate the feasibility of proposed options on technical, economic, and organisational grounds. In so doing, the net presnt value of Read more about How do I decide if it’s feasible?[…]

Plan to do it…or never do it.

Strategic Planning Strategic planning is the process of a business determining its long term goals and the process by which they might be achieved. Ideally, the plan would be made once, and then the wheels set in motion. However, on any given day, the business may need to re-evaluate the plan, based upon external factors Read more about Plan to do it…or never do it.[…]

Be your own worst critic

That’s not to say you should be cynical or pessimistic. Talk to people who disagree with you.They may not be right, but they can certainly help you balance out your own biases as to how things should be. Stand outside your normal frame of how you view your business. How often have you thought: I Read more about Be your own worst critic[…]

How much money in a coffee?

Next time you walk past a cafe, take note of whether there are empty milk crates sitting outside for collection. Each crate is equivalent to around 100 coffees. Each coffee (sold at about $3.00 each) is profit of around $2.50. Do the sums…one crate is profit of $250. Why, then, do cafes so often charge Read more about How much money in a coffee?[…]

All image and very little substance.

I recently did work for a local Public Relations company, trying to get them up to speed on that thing we all know as “the internet”. I don’t want to go on about their lack of willingness to accept the simple fact that it’s now a reality that it’s changing the way they work, like Read more about All image and very little substance.[…]