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The Website Clinic is a Hobart-based digital marketing agency and we like to 'talk like a pirate'.

We follow the Pirate AAARRR Metrics digital marketing framework first put forward by Dave McLure 'way back' in 2007. Although, Dave's original framework only had two A's - it didn't include Awareness.

Pirate AAARRR Metrics help you quantify the performance of your current digital marketing strategy and identify where work needs to be done - the metrics that are underperforming and holding your online business back.

Pirate AAARRR Metrics

Awareness | Acquisition | Activation
Revenue | Retention | Referral


Interested People
i.e. Potential Customers

Reach more people with your digital marketing.

Awareness is a digital marketing measure of the number of people you reach.

This could be organic search impressions, paid advertising impressions, or social media post or ad impressions.

You can probably think of more.

Reach More People

Encourage more people to click through to your website.

How many people visit your website?

Acquisition is a measurable percentage of the number of impressions (or other Awareness factors).

When people click through (and you work out your Click-Through-Rate), you can track your Acquisitions i.e. visitors to your website.

More Visitors


Visitors To Customers
i.e. Sell Stuff

Visitors take that important first step and you learn who they are.

People are visiting, but are they 'doing' anything?

It's time to increase the number of downloads, subscriptions, free trials, or leads.

If they visit but you don't know who they are... and they never get in touch, your efforts are all in vain.

I Need Leads

Visitors become customers and start paying you money.

This is where it all starts to get interesting.

You've grown your email list, hooked some prospects on the end of the line, but now you need to capitalise on your effort.

Lots of testing, niche marketing, and segmentation of you list is how you're going to succeed.

Help me sell stuff


Re-Sell and Refer
i.e. Make More Money

Bring your visitors back again and again and again.

If you managed to get them to your site, and convert them - keep them coming back.

Provide great value, relevant information, and plenty of reasons to return.

This can be where your email marketing really kicks into gear.

Nurture My Leads

When they love you so much, they'll start telling their friends.

Make your customers absolutely love you.

Give them great reasons to spread the word far and wide.

Here's where you can offer bonuses, affiliate marketing, and any number of other imaginative ways to encourage your valued customers to bring in their friends.

Go Viral

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