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Acquisition – How many people visit your website?

Increasing website traffic can help deliver more potential customers into the marketing funnel. A few of the major sources of traffic include:

  • Organic Search
    As a ‘rule of thumb’, for a well-optimised website (using Search Engine Optimisation), more than 70% of organic website visitors, the first time they visit a website, could be landing on a page OTHER THAN the home page.
  • Direct
    Website visitors per month who go ‘direct’ to the website (usually from typing the domain name into a browser).
  • Social and Referral
    Referrals might include Social Media traffic or clicks to the website from third-party websites.
  • Paid Search
    Such as Google Ads (paid search) or Social Media ad campaigns.
  • Email
    Website visits from emails you send to your mailing list.

The absence of goal and conversion data is problematic for defining an optimal strategy for increasing website traffic.

Some ideas to get you started:

  • Improve organic search engine rankings with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).
  • Technical SEO to fix technical issues that currently hinder the website’s ‘Google-friendliness’.
  • Keyword analysis to identify the keyword phrases that are both relevant and of high search volume, and then on-page SEO to include the identified keywords in the website content.
  • Review of existing inbound links for ‘toxicity’, and any that might be improved (or blacklisted).
  • Implement an ongoing link building strategy.
  • Implement an ongoing content-creation strategy to support the findings of the keyword analysis i.e. relevant content with high search volume potential.
  • Test the impact of targeted news articles posted to third-party websites.
  • Implement and monitor Paid Search advertising to ‘bump up’ search visibility for high-volume and or targeted niche keyword phrases that are ranking outside the top 10 (until organic search results improve)
  • Review email marketing, start building/increasing email subscribers and using in a more-targeted manner. Implement ‘journeys’ for email recipients with a view to increasing sales conversions (revenue).
  • Increase and moderate Social Media user activity and test/implement strategies that result in website traffic (and goal conversions). A/B test Social Media posts and content with the aim of directly increasing website ‘Activations‘. These new subscribers can then be followed up using email marketing.