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Activation – How many people take the first important step?

You’ll need to identify a set of clearly defined, quantifiable goals for which conversions are capable of being tracked and are in line with the objectives of the business. These goals should ‘activate’ a website visitor and most likely, result in (at least) obtaining their additional email address.

Review your existing website content and see if there’s anything you can promote ‘across your site’ that could result in:

  • Obtaining email addresses of potential customers via download of a spreadsheet, or PDF checklist etc. or similar
  • Submission of an Enquiry Form, where the enquiry might be product or service-specific, rather than than a generic Contact Us form
  • Sign ups for your Newsletter
  • Purchase of a ‘mini’ service i.e. with low setup and/or monthly fees, or an introductory product purchase

Apply this list of ideas to any new activation mechanisms that might get prospective customers into your sales funnel.