Digital Marketing Packages for Australian Businesses

Typically, we provide a digital marketing service that helps the business owner identify and test new online opportunities. Following a test, we'll help you decide how to proceed from there.

Our 'Flexible' packages enable a business owner to access digital marketing expertise over an extended period of time, yet allow for flexibility (within the validity period) as to when and how the effort is used.

Choose a Package

Choose a Package





1 day

$1440 (+GST) 

per day*

Valid for 1 month

Min. Period 15 mins.


5-8 days

$1368 (+GST) 

per day*

Valid for 3 months

Min. Period 2 hours

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9-15 days

$1296 (+GST) 

per day*

Valid for 6 months

Min. Period 4 hours


16+ days

$1224 (+GST) 

per day*

Valid for 12 months

Min. Period 4 hours

The minimum period ensures availability of resources, to address requests and issues. This does not include phonecall communications which are logged as minimum 15 minutes, for all packages. *All packages are paid 'by day' in advance. For example, if you've expended 10 days of effort on the 'Seasonal' package, you'll receive an invoice via email (due for immediate payment) for $1224 (+GST) for an 11th day.