Duvel Beer is Brewed in the Bottle

The other day, Simon went to the local hotel for a beer after work. Apparently, the pub has recently been bought by a Bavarian/Belgian (I’m not sure which) Beer Cafe group.

Simon, being Swiss, asked for a glass of Duvel Belgian beer on tap. The Publican, in a less than helpful manner, said they only sold it in the bottle and that he wasn’t aware of anyone, anywhere selling the beer on tap.

Simon bought a beer and skulked off to his table.

Later, on returning to the bar, the bartender mentioned that in fact, Duvel is brewed in the bottle – so obviously it won’t be on tap.

A little product knowledge would have gone a long way to providing that little bit of extra information that would have turned a negative (“we don’t have it on tap”) into a positive (“it’s brewed in the bottle so it’s not available on tap”).