Cheat #3: Where are the best places to put keywords on my website?

It’s important to understand which keyword phrases you use in your website text and where they should be placed.

As a rule of thumb, target a single keyword phrase per web page. Obviously, you could target two or three, but that starts to become a more complex writing task.

Make sure you include your keyword phrase(s):

  • Once in the page Title Tag (sometimes referred to as the Meta Title) – you can see here how to implement it
  • Once in your single Heading 1 (H1) – this should be the first heading on the page and using the H1 html heading markup.
  • Three or four times in your text body content – don’t overdo it, and don’t sacrifice readability at the expense of including your keyword phrase. You might also include mash-ups of your phrase and close variations.

Including keywords is a fundamental part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).