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SEO Kickstarter for Small Business Websites

For a Small Business Needing an SEO Kickstart

Perfect for any business which has:

  1. A functioning website, but poor (or non-existent) rankings in Google;
  2. A local customer base; and
  3. A lack of time to do the research and make the necessary changes.

Get your website listed in Google

We'll take all reasonable steps to get your website listed in the 'organic' Google listings.
We can't make promises (Google does have a mind of it's own) but we've done this often enough to know what it takes.

  1. Get you listed in Google My Business;
  2. Do a little bit of fancy Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) (but we'll need access to your website); and
  3. Submit your website to some of the most important online directories.

Fill in the form and we'll get in touch 'quick smart'

P.S. This is NOT a payment form.