How do you find out more about ‘local store marketing plan template’?

You’re one of 10 people in Australia who’s searching this month.

If you’ve found yourself on this landing page, there’s a good chance you were looking for ‘local store marketing plan template’.

Because you did end up on this page, you’ve just proven to yourself how effective good search engine optimisation (SEO) can be and how it can draw in people who are interested in what you have to say.

We’re actually not trying to answer your question or solve your problem but we’re pretty certain your problem has something to do with digital marketing your online business.

Here are our five best tips for moving your business online, or testing out your online market:

  1. Your online business as a completely separate entity from your offline one. Once you move online, you’re a ‘startup’, no matter how many years you’ve been around.
  2. Set aside a budget specifically for the online business, and treat it as an independent venture. Sure, you can benefit from your existing buying power and/or product/customer knowledge, but be prepared to encounter a completely different beast online.
  3. Don’t take the word of your mates at the pub. The fact is, they may think it’s a good idea, but no opinion means anything if it doesn’t translate into sales. Seek out an existing online demand and meet that, rather than create a new market… and don’t pay too much attention to family and friends, however well-meaning. Google provides data on seach phrase volumes – believe it or not, 10 people in Australia search for ‘local store marketing plan template‘ on average every month.
  4. From the very start, think of how your business will ‘scale’ without more effort from you. Don’t rely on your personal contacts, phone calls, or door knocking to drum up business. Either customers find you online, or you’re never going to make a serious ‘go’ of it.
  5. Undeestimate your projected sales and overestimate the time, effort and money you’ll need to make them. It’ll be a hard slog. If it’s not, be grateful for fluking it and use your unspent resources on scaling your business even more.