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Digital Marketing Achievements

A tourist and charter bus company…

… were lacking leads and bookings via their website. By changing some of their website text and page structure, online traffic more than doubled in less than three months.

They now receive many more bookings and enquiries for bus charters – a profitable improvement, indeed!

A Sydney-based supplier of paper packaging products…

… wanted to start selling their products through their website, targeting retail, not just wholesale, customers. Some tricky business process re-engineering and an optimised website has seen their website traffic more than triple.

Online sales are kicking in because potential customers who don’t know them by name now find specific products when they use a search engine.

An iconic heritage hotel…

… were missing out on potential bookings because they were failing to rank well in the search engines. Optimisation (SEO) of their website delivered a small increase in website visitor numbers, but more importantly, visitors that now find their website are much more likely to place a booking.

They attribute reaching their major ‘annual target’ in around half their budgeted time as a direct result of the improvement in online activity.

A national network of jewellers…

… created a simple, single directory page that outranked many of the big brand jewellery websites. The page had an increase in visitor numbers (from organic web searches)  of 287% in a six month period.

More than 1 in 5 visitors clicked through to a retailer’s website. They also ran local TV advertisements… but online search produced many more website visitors.

They didn’t realise how many people qualify their online searches with a location.

An Australian serviced apartments franchisor…

… increased their organic search website visitors by 290% in a ten month period.

Their booking enquiries increased by 350%.

The results helped them begin to replace booking enquiries from paid advertising sources with ‘less expensive’ organic search sources. They realised that organic search visitors we’re more likely to make a booking enquiry than visitors who clicked through on a paid advertisement.

 An Australian international travel agency…

… came to understand the need to change their website to answer the questions that visitors have, rather than shout ‘ON SALE’ at them.  They now realise they need to focus more on their core market, and less on trying to be all things to all people.

They came to realise people are searching for information online, not advertising.

A Melbourne watchmaker…

… now has so many repair quotations to do, they can’t keep up.

They credit their website and the fact that they get so many visitors searching for watch repairs in Melbourne.

We helped them sort out the management of their enquiries and they’re now getting more emails and less phone calls, which means more time to do the work that actually earns them money.

Client Overview

Some of our direct and indirect clients for services including online marketing and strategy, search engine optimisation, technical writing, and website design.