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The SEO Business Guide for Moonah and Glenorchy

How to SEO your Glenorchy business website

If you have a company website in Moonah or Glenorchy and need to generate business from local customers, we’ve pulled out the best SEO strategies that will have you doing a whole lot better online.

Our Local SEO Moonah and Glenorchy Business Guide keeps technical jargon to a minimum and hopefully only includes things you’re likely to be able to do yourself, without needing your website developer to get involved.

Where possible, we avoid things that are out of your control. That means we mostly deal with search engine optimisation strategies that focus on text you can edit on your own website, or handy tools you can subscribe to or implement with minimal effort.

  1. Make references to ‘Moonah’ and/or ‘Glenorchy’ and nearby suburbs

    Your primary target for new customers is probably Moonah or Glenorchy (including the CBD and Greater Hobart). However, there may be people searching for your business offerings in neighbouring or nearby suburbs.

    Including content that occasionally mentions the name of nearby suburbs can help your rankings in organic search results when they search by those other locations. For example, if you sell ‘legal services’ in Moonah or Glenorchy, you may be able to appear in organic search results for anyone searching for a lawyer in Hobart, Rosny, or Kingston.

    We don’t suggest putting all the location names on the one page, but you might add pages that mention some alternative locations.

  2. Talk about the Glenorchy and Hobart region

    It’s not only Moonah or Glenorchy, or nearby suburbs that have potential for your business.

    People will also search by geographic area or region. For example, if your business is in Moonah, Tasmania, they may also look for businesses using phrases such as ‘southern Tasmania’ or ‘Eastern Shore’.

    Often there’s also search volume for people searching ‘near me’.

    For example they may be searching for an ‘electrical cabling business near me’.

  3. Page heading structures

    Using relevant keywords, make sure your headings are well-structured.

    When it comes to including headings on your pages, there are few practices worth sticking to:

    • Only have a single, unique H1 heading per page
    • Make sure your headings follow a logical structure e.g.
      H1 e.g. Buy Floorcoverings in Moonah
      H2 e.g. Timber Floorboards
      H2 e.g. Carpets
      H3 e.g. Pure Wool Carpets
      H3 e.g. Synthetic Carpets
      H2 e.g. Vinyl
      H2 etc.
    • Include your target keywords in the H1, and possibly the H2 and H3 headings, if it doesn’t compromise the readability of your page.
  4. Use your main heading in your page title

    If your target keyword phrase is ‘dental appointments Glenorchy’ your page title might be: Dental Appointments Glenorchy | Your Business Name Tasmania

  5. Create a Google My Business Listing

    For a local Glenorchy business, a well-written Google My Business listing can be one of the most powerful tools. Google My Business is not necessarily a contributing SEO factor in that it probably doesn’t help an individual page appear in the organic search ‘top 10’ for a Google search phrase.

    However, Google does often include the Google My Business map in local business search results, usually after the paid advertising and before the first organic search result.

    Appearing on the Glenorchy map can deliver many visitors to your website.

  6. List your business with free online directories

    There are plenty of free online directories that are good for Glenorchy SEO in terms of inbound links… or referral traffic. Here are some Australian business directory websites (in no particular order) to get you started:

  7. Minimise page depth

    As the number of pages on your website increases over time, it’s likely they’ll start to sit further and further from your home page in terms of ‘link depth’. Part of the reason is you won’t be including every single page in your main menu – it would make a mess of menu usability.

    The goal is to not let any page be more than 3 clicks from your home page. Include hyperlinks within page content that go to ‘lower level’ pages. For example, your service listing page can have links to individual service pages, even if they aren’t linked to from your main menu. The mapping might look like this:

    Home Page > Main Menu link to ‘Services’ > Sub-menu links to Service 1, Service 2, Service 3 etc.

    If you do a text search of your website, you can also find instances of targeted keyword phrases on pages other than the targeted page. Hyperlinking this text to the target page can help with your SEO. Once again, don’t overdo it and every page in the Main Menu already has multiple internal links to it so these pages would be lower priority for you.