SEO Improves Rankings of Product Pages and Categories

The Challenge

A new entrant to a highly competitive online retail market was having no success in improving their search engine rankings and/or attracting organic website traffic.

They had run several PPC campaigns, at substantial cost, without any sales conversions.

The Solution

We used a 'low hanging fruit' approach to identify the (i) technical improvements and the (ii) keyword phrase integrations that would deliver the greatest benefit, in the shortest timeframe.

These changes we're implemented on a daily basis, as they were prioritised.

The Result

The SEO effort resulted in an IMMEDIATE impact on search engine rankings and website traffic - within 24 hours of implementation!

Over the following 7 week period, organic traffic to the website increased twenty-fold. The increase in search traffic delivered a consistent (and growing) volume of online sales completions.

SEO Impact on Online Retail Store Traffic