Keyword Relevance Helps Hotel Booking Rates

The Challenge

An iconic heritage hotel was missing out on potential bookings because they were failing to rank well in the search engines.

The hotel also was unable to track the source attribution of bookings after they were referred to their online booking fulfillment provider’s website – they were being tracked as ‘referrals’ from their own website, rather than the ‘source’ of the traffic when they arrived at the hotel’s website.

The Solution

We identified the pages on their website that had the greatest potential to attract more website visits.

These pages were analysed for code structure, Page Title and Heading structure and content, and paragraph text content.

We reviewed the current search volumes for ‘accommodation-related’ phrases, and added relevant keyword phrases into the web page text, and Page Titles.

Cross-domain tracking using Google Analytics was implemented with the co-operation of the online booking fulfillment provider, enabling tracking of the actual source of traffic to their website e.g. organic, direct etc., right through to booking placement.

The Result

Optimisation (SEO) of their website delivered a small, yet significant, initial  increase in website visitor numbers, but more importantly, the client reported a higher-than-usual placement of bookings, suggesting the keyword phrases now being ranked for were more relevant to the actual services the hotel provided.

The client attributes reaching their ‘annual occupancy target’ in around half their budgeted time as a direct result of the improvement in online activity.

The graph shows a comparison of organic website visits to the client’s website, for the same calendar period, but approximately six months BEFORE (the orange line) and around six months AFTER (the blue line) optimisation.