The Annual Film Festival that Kept Running Out of Puff

The Challenge

An annual film festival, usually run in November over a 3 day period, had little or no website activity outside of the festival dates and the few weeks prior.

Even though it had run for 5 years, age of the website, and occasional popularity, seemed to count for little in translating to good search engine rankings for 'film festival-related' keywords.

The Solution

We looked at the structure of the website and quickly realised that every year, an entirely new website was created, and placed in a 'folder' named after the current year. As a result, the search engines needed to re-index every page... if in fact they could even be found.

Moving the 'perpetual' pages into the root directory e.g. the home page, the 'tickets' page etc., meant that they would remain 'in situ' for as long as the website existed.

The Result

The simple change to the folder structure (occuring during the week highlighted by the green bar) resulted in a tripling of 'organic' website visits (even outside of the festival period)  over the following 11 weeks.

A year-on-year comparison for a 13 week period shows an average 280% increase in organic visits as a result of the single website change.