The Art of Attracting Website Visitors

There is no known piece of software technology that can replicate the human mind.

We use ‘considered’ marketing experience, a whole bunch of great online research tools and applications, and then apply our ‘grey matter’ to optimise your website.

We use common sense, legitimate techniques, and plenty of imagination, to help your website gain the attention of your target market.

  1. Review your current online status;
  2. Implement tools to help measure your online performance;
  3. Conduct a keyword analysis of existing search behaviours and find the best words for your business and industry;
  4. Structure your website to reflect how people are actually searching;
  5. Rewrite your website content to include the best, optimised, text; and
  6. Create a minimum number of links from external websites to kickstart your traffic.

Attracting Visitors with Search Engine Optimisation

What are you going to sell online?

What you start out wanting to sell is often not what you end up selling. We can help you:

    • Define the product or service – a niche offering is often better than a general one;
    • Fine tune how your product or service can be delivered to your local or international customers;
    • Identify a ‘conversion’, so you can track how much your online marketing is generating in sales; and
    • Weigh up the cost of promotion against the revenue you’re making from actual sales.

How do you write content for your website?

SEO is an acronym for ‘search engine optimisation’. The objective is to attract ‘organic’ search engine visitors who are most likely to be looking for the product or service you want to offer. SEO is (typically) a five step process:

  1. What do we currently (or want to) sell?
  2. How many people are ALREADY searching for this online?
  3. What words (keywords) do they use when searching?
  4. How do we select the best keywords and work them into the content of our website?
  5. How can we improve the coding and structure of our website to be ‘search engine-friendly’?

Of course, there are plenty more actions you can take to optimise your website, but this list covers the most important factors. When you know the right words that (a) people are using in their searches and (b) are relevant to your business, you can start writing (or rewriting) your website content.