Website Design Hobart

What Will Your Website Design Look Like?

We’ll create a page layout, the graphic design elements, and a colour scheme which suits your business image, and the products or services your business wants to promote.

We’ll take into consideration the usability of the website using industry research that’s proven how visitors will best ‘discover’ information on your website. This includes some of the fundamental SEO (search engine optimisation) principles.

How Will You Add Content to Your Website?

We use the open-source WordPress Content Management System (CMS). It’s user-friendly, stable, and continues to enjoy enormous support from the online community. WordPress won’t be disappearing as a website platform any time soon!

To get started, you give us whatever information you have on hand about your business so we can do some word crafting to present your business in the best possible light online. We’ll write it in a way people ‘read’ information on a website.

Later, you can manage the content on your website:

  • Edit content of existing web pages
  • Create new web pages
  • Manage your menu structure to add/remove pages
  • Upload images to web pages
  • Manage your image gallery, if you use one

How Will You Deal With The Technical Stuff?

We keep things as ‘untechnical’ as possible.

We’ll set up your domain name so your website is visible, and walk you through managing your email addresses. If you don’t have a domain name, we can help you register one.

You can see how many people visit your website with Google Analytics.

If you need help, we allow up to two hours of assistance or informal training to get you started with using WordPress, managing images, improving your search engine rankings… or starting a Google Ads campaign. You’ll soon realise where we can give you the most valuable help.

We include the first 12 months of web hosting (a service you’ll need to renew every year).

How Is Your Website Promoted?

When we create your website and add the content, we take into account how ‘search engine friendly’ it is, and make the necessary fundamental adjustments to the text and design.

We’ll add your website address to some of the most important online directories, and start the ball rolling with helping your website appear in the search engine (Google) listings.