Cheat #6: Do most of my website visitors land on a page that is NOT the home page?

Experience tells us that more than 70% of visitors should be landing on a page OTHER THAN your home page the first time they click through from a search engine.

But that’s if your website is well-optimized (that’s ‘search engine optimized’) most visitors can be coming in via the side door and missing your home page entirely.

But that’s a GOOD thing!

The search engine matches your visitor’s search phrase to the most relevant page on your website. What they find is relevant to them… and your best chance for converting them to a customer.

If people are mostly landing on your home page, it suggests they’re searching for you by name/brand, or you’re lucky to have a low-competition niche for their search phrases. You may also notice a higher bounce rate.

Every page of your website is a possible landing page.