More Website Visits Delivers More Conversions

The Challenge

A Hobart tourist and charter bus company wanted more leads and bookings via their website. Their organic traffic was sluggish and their search engine rankings stagnant.

They also had no idea how many people visiting their website actually clicked through to the booking form.

The Solution

We identified the pages on their website that had the greatest potential to attract more website visits. These pages were analysed for code structure, Page Title and Heading structure and content, and paragraph text content.

We reviewed the current search volumes for the types of services the company provided, and added relevant keyword phrases into the web page text, and Page Titles. We did some SEO with particular emphasis on ‘Hobart’.

The Result

The client reported a definite increase in enquiries, particularly regarding their more profitable ‘bus and coach charter’ services.

Following completion of the SEO tasks (the green bar in the first graph), organic website traffic almost tripled in less than three months.


The second graph shows a comparison of organic website visits to the client’s website, for the same calendar period, but in subsequent years – six months BEFORE (the orange line) and around six months AFTER (the blue line) optimisation.

Year-on-year, and during the traditionally low season, there was a 360% increase in new website users.